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Even if you reinforce the areas between the tabs you would not find it comfortable to waist train with a bodice of this type as it would provide no support below the waist and therefore also cut in at the waist line. Thus a corset compresses the waist line and can be used over time to make the torso smaller as in corset training or ‘tight-lacing’ as its often called. If your priority is freedom of movement, eg you lead an active lifestyle or you’re making a corset for an inexperienced corset wearer who won’t be used to the restrictive garment, opt for spiral steel boning.

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Then we’re going to check I’ve made progress on various aspects of making. When sewing the front seam on one side holes are made with an awl. A lacing bone is a steel bone with holes drilled into it.

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I suggest looking up corset training before and after images to get a better idea of what look you prefer. Bodice patterns will also often have straps and you’ll want to check the length of these when you make your mock up. How To Make A Bodice Pattern, Not A Corset Pattern.

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